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Creating a community of future game-changers!

Be a part of the startup teams or launch your future unicorn company, meet the best global talents and startups, get in contact with international incubators and investors to grow!

Location of Initiative

Browse through locations, to improbe your knowledge of the requirements in each country. Even though not all the listed materials are free of charge, they are key learning tools to start or scale up your buseiness.

Learn more about the countries and their ecosystems!

I’m an Investor

  • Scope
    Decide on the focus area.
    Facilitated workshop
  • Scout
    Scouting startups within the focus area.
    Global scouting and long list
  • Select
    Selection of Most Promising Startups.
    Startup Selection Day
  • Pilot
    Test with customers.
    Meetings and product adaptation.
  • Roll Out
    Agree on deal or no deal.
    Offer and negotiate contract.

I’m an Entrepreneur

  • Acceleration
    Join the #1 Accelerator Program in the Baltics. Tailored for your startup.
  • Pre-accelerator
    Access our online pre-accelerator to start your acceleration journey today!
  • Corporate Matchmaking
    Scale your market faster through a partnership with a corporate.
  • Investment
    Access investments for your early stage startup through us or on of our partners.

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2 Have An Online Video Interview

Book a suitable date for your interview to introduce your ideas, thoughts and provide a clear vision of what you are looking for.

3 Evaluation By The Committee

Analyzing your application won't take alot, just checking if there is missing data.

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Start in Europe is providing unique services for Startups and Investors. Powered by AI technology we are helping to find the most suitable country to kick start your business. Providing administrative assistance and incubator program for your great beggining. Connecting to startup network and joining acceleration programs.

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We back our customers. We embrace diversity and inclusion. We grow together across the borders. We move fast and focus on result. We build to be bold and transparent.

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We need to brainstorm this.. coz am out of ideas.

Discover New Startups

Emerging creative ideas with great potential are always the way to success.

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MVP/Seed Stage
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Idea Stage
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Idea Stage
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Idea Stage
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Idea Stage

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