French Tech Visa is a program designed to help startup founders, employees and investors to live and work in France for 4 years with renewal options. The applicants of this visa can extend the visa to their immediate family members, including dependent children. Also, their spouses receive authorization to live and work in France. You dont need any additional work permits.

French Tech Ticket is for founders who want to start a business in Paris. This is more of an acceleration program for 6 months for early-stage companies. Through this program, visas have an extension option for an additional 6 months. Each founder is awarded a funding of 12,500 to 25,000. Upon successful visa ownership, free office space is also provided. 50 startups are annually admitted into this cohort program to work with incubators in France.

For Founders: The founder has to be selected by one or more of the French Tech Visa partner incubators or accelerators through regular process of selection.

There should be a capital equal to at least the French annual minimum wage of 17,763.20.

There should be a plan for an economically innovation startup to develop in France.

Founders will have to obtain approval from the Direccte, a French public organization.

For Employees:They should have a graduate degree

They should have a work contract with a minimum of 3 months with a company eligible to recruit through the French Tech Visa.

They should be employed under an annual gross salary of at least 35,526.40.

There should be a plan for an economic innovation startup to develop in France. Team members should be speak english.

Team members should be speak english or french


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