Ireland offers 2 options for entrepreneurs: The Immigrant Investor Programme and the Startup Entrepreneur Programme. Both of them have slightly higher capital requirements than similar programs in other countries, but they have unique benefits of starting a business in Ireland, such as a low rate of corporation tax and a range of tax incentives.

The Ireland Startup Entrepreneur Program helps founders to gain permits to live in Ireland through building startups. The applicants are granted a residency for 2 years with options to renew for 3 years. Immediate family members also qualify for this visa.

The applicant should have an innovative business idea that can create a minimum of 10 jobs in Ireland and earn at least 1 million in turnover within 3-4 years.

The startup headquarters must be based in Ireland.

The startup must be less than 5 years old if the applicant is already based in Ireland.

There should be funding of 50,000 for the business for one founder and 30,000 for each subsequent founder for a capital requirement.

An attractive holding company regime, including participation exemption from capital gains tax on the disposal of shares in subsidiaries.

An effective zero tax rate for foreign dividends (12.5% tax rate on qualifying foreign dividends, with flexible onshore pooling of foreign tax credits).

An EU-approved stable tax regime with access to extensive treaty network and EU Directives.

Generous domestic law withholding tax exemptions.

The owners of the business can be up to 5 people.(with family)

You do not need to provide any source for your personal expenses and no have any info about insurance cost.


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