The applicant must have an innovative idea.

The applicant must show funds of at least 13,000 to support himself.

The reliable Netherlands will supervise the applicant-approved facilitator, mentor, accelerator, or incubator. The facilitator must have experience guiding startups, be financially independent, have a significant stake in the company, or have receivables or being family members of the entrepreneur.

Your facilitator can submit your application for a Netherlands visa to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst, IND), using the appropriate application form on their website. Doing so involves providing information about yourself, your business plan and your proposed method of operation.

This program provides entrepreneurs 1 year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands with a potential extension of 1 year. To avail this permit, entrepreneurs are required to be supervised by a reliable source in the Netherlands.

The owners of the business can be up to 5 people.

There's no need to proof any money for investing or capital.Team members should be speak english and The owners of the business can be up to 5 people.(with family)


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